18 May 18
This marks its entry into the Philippine market.
17 May 18
A whopping $61.2m will be for mental health services for people in residential aged care facilities.
15 May 18
It will own 62.5% stake in Singapore's first private one-stop ambulatory care centre.
3 May 18
Executives from Malaysia's big hospitals and healthcare firms converged at the event.
2 May 18
Their market share of sales is forecast to rise from 31.4% in 2017 to 38.9% by 2027 at $690m.
24 Apr 18
It is neck-to-neck with three other bidders for India's second largest hospital group.
20 Apr 18
Recurrent expenditure on healthcare grew by an average of 7% over the past decade.
20 Apr 18
Healthcare expenditure will also rise as a percentage of GDP.
20 Apr 18
Are countries prepared for this massive rise?
20 Apr 18
High medical fees still drive inflation even if it has dropped from 20% to 9.6% in three years.
17 Apr 18
The event will be held on April 26 at the Shangri-La.
23 Mar 18
The forum discussed healthcare reforms and Indonesia's investment dilemma.
23 Mar 18
Over 90% in material is saved with the miniature manufacturing systems.
7 Mar 18
The hospital could open in Q4 2018 and get startup losses.
1 Mar 18
The event was graced by over 85 leaders in healthcare.
1 Mar 18
Middle aged Singaporeans are about to reach 2.3 million in 2022.
1 Mar 18
Salaries are also set to rise amidst stronger industry demand.
1 Mar 18
It will further expand in the next decade overtaking education expenditure.
1 Mar 18
They believe this can enhance services particularly for the elderly.
22 Feb 18
He'll discuss the complexities of health information system.
31 Jan 18
He will speak about provision of quality healthcare.
31 Jan 18
SEHK is considering opening up the exchange to allow pre-profit biotech companies to list.
31 Jan 18
The city state has 2.2 doctors for 1,000 people.
26 Jan 18
National health insurance reimbursement will be expanded.
15 Jan 18
It will also be held in three other ASEAN cities.
10 Jan 18
Only 70% of Indonesians were enrolled in national health insurance scheme.
10 Jan 18
It will be 36% of total health spending.
10 Jan 18
No thanks to unregulated pricing regime.
10 Jan 18
Bed to patient ratio is still unsatisfactory at 2.1-2.5.
14 Dec 17
It recently launched GHK and Acibadem Altunizade.
14 Dec 17
Over 300 doctors are now part-timers at public hospitals.
30 Nov 17
Mining sector-driven growth is "drawing to a close".
30 Nov 17
Firms can submit their entries until March 31, 2018.
17 Nov 17
Prenetics is raising money to use on digital health infrastructure.
3 Nov 17
Most rely on self-medication when ill.
3 Nov 17
It will incur startup losses from its new hospitals in China.
6 Oct 17
Demand for public hospital services will be on peak.
11 Sep 17
Resident private doctors earn as low as US$358 monthly.
25 Aug 17
It is home to one of the world’s biggest healthcare groups, IHH.
16 Aug 17
63% of healthcare executives are already tackling data breaches and ethics.