28 Oct 20
Listing on Malaysia's stock exchange could happen by 2021.
28 Oct 20
The hospital features the treatment of digestive diseases.
27 Oct 20
Parkway Pantai is the first to launch.
27 Oct 20
Multiple studies show higher effectiveness than existing treatments.
21 Oct 20
Manufacturers have focused on reducing complications related to these devices.
21 Oct 20
The latest upgrade allows up to eight family members to share the service.
21 Oct 20
These ongoing gaps have created a need for the private sector to fill in.
21 Oct 20
The country has struggled amidst shortages in protective gear and hospital beds.
30 Sep 20
The sampling tools are HSA-registered and CE-approved.
17 Sep 20
It will be used to re-finance Connexion, Singapore’s first integrated healthcare and hospitality complex.
10 Sep 20
Japanese drugmakers are interested in establishing their main manufacturing sites in Thailand.
7 Sep 20
Small cap companies with low valuations could outperform, but leading companies may provide more stable returns.
3 Sep 20
Earnings per share were 5.2% higher than that of the same period last year.
2 Sep 20
The group’s revenue is up 3.9% measured QoQ.
1 Sep 20
The increase occurred mainly due to the worldwide stockpiling of drug ingredients.
28 Aug 20
The end-to-end encryption system is expected to protect patient data privacy.
25 Aug 20
This includes the digitization of its core laboratory, handling 60-70% of its annual tests.
20 Aug 20
The firm is also amongst the best in the global health-care supply sector for 2020.
20 Aug 20
Reduced healthcare spending will affect multinationals' capabilities to launch new products.
19 Aug 20
The country is having high incidence and prevalence of non-communicable diseases.
18 Aug 20
Poor track record may delay the process despite the government's political will.
18 Aug 20
High demand is forecasted in the pharmaceuticals industry.
17 Aug 20
Countries are declaring fiscal stimulus packages to fight the pandemic.
13 Aug 20
By then, China will account for 23% of the world’s healthcare spending.
13 Aug 20
Customary approval is expected to be completed within the next six months.
10 Aug 20
The government aims to raise self-sufficiency in key pharmaceutical raw materials.
10 Aug 20
It will benefit from a strong economic performance over the next five years.
7 Aug 20
The national health insurance programme is contracting by 33% - 35% from the target.
5 Aug 20
Operating with a patient-centric model, the hospital delivers services, including teleradiology, with full-time specialists.
5 Aug 20
IJN's has carried out 36,381 screenings for its outreach programme, which targets rural areas in Peninsular Malaysia.
5 Aug 20
The firm is the first to offer the fully digital PET and CT scanner, Discovery MI, in ASEAN.
27 Jul 20
These will bring Malaysia closer in line with the ASEAN medical device directive.
22 Jul 20
The fund will be used for the discovery of better treatments of eight chronic diseases.
22 Jul 20
COVID-19 made an impact on its equity-accounted investees.
22 Jul 20
The new wholly-owned subsidiary will focus on children’s learning and development.
21 Jul 20
The listing looks to raise about $1b.
20 Jul 20
This move is intended to enhance the capital raising ability of the company.
17 Jul 20
Study revealed around 90% are using online medical services with no intention of reverting to offline sources.
11 Jul 20
Inpatient capacity and procedure volumes expected to be within pre-COVID-19 levels this year.
11 Jul 20
The new treatment plan can assist over 300,000 Australians currently suffering from atrial fibrillation.