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12 Jan 21
It will initially target the Hainan province as a pilot.
9 Nov 20
Dr Gershu C Paul shares his outlook for the country’s healthcare sector post-pandemic.
3 Nov 20
They mapped out how the industry should respond to the next pandemic during the Healthcare Asia Virtual Conference.
27 Oct 20
MSD conducted a comprehensive research called the Health Impact Projection, or “HIP” Model.
26 Jun 20
The healthcare provider has established and continues to strengthen their presence across Asia Pacific.
28 May 20
He says businesses can take advantage of BDO’s digital platform for their remote work arrangements.
19 May 20
He says health literacy has increased dramatically as a result of the global health situation.
14 May 20
The hospital is blazing trails by reducing morbidity and mortality for patients with STEMI.
14 May 20
The hospital continued with its indigency programs to bring quality healthcare to the smallest of communities.
23 Apr 20
The event was held via video conferencing throughout the week of 14-17 April.
21 Apr 20
The project “Better Facilities, Better Care” encapsulates the centre’s commitment to high-quality healthcare services....
21 Apr 20
The hospital group won Customer Service Initiative of the Year and Hospital of the Year at the Healthcare Asia Awards.
21 Apr 20
Its pioneering Dispos-a-vent® Barrier Pouch improves sterility and lowers costs for medical device manufacturers.
20 Apr 20
The hospital was lauded for their healthcare delivery and campaign on urban health issues.
20 Apr 20
Its innovative advocacy program makes information and navigation of cancer care more accessible for millions of patients.
20 Apr 20
The “hospital of choice” has consistently improved its services and facilities.
20 Apr 20
The company’s Saliva p53Microbiome can identify and monitor various cancers and suitably replace blood samples.
20 Apr 20
The hospital won awards for patient care, service delivery innovation and providing specialty services.
6 Apr 20
Triaging via CTs, already used in China and the UK, will be used by public health authorities to isolate and prioritize testing for...
1 Apr 20
As China grapples with the spread of COVID-19, many industries have been impacted, but none more so than the medical industry.
24 Jan 20
Australia's largest dedicated cancer care provider gains rapid integration with healthcare providers.
4 Nov 19
Over 100 delegates from more than 30 hospitals in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand learn how digital technologies...
29 Oct 19
Private hospitals in South East Asia end their use of paper records, enabling transformational changes such as value-based care initiatives,...
12 Sep 19
With the LifeSys RIS PACS platform, the previous turnaround time of 2-3 days was cut to hours.
17 May 19
Unified healthcare information system now built on InterSystems IRIS for Health to offer FHIR, SMART on FHIR support, and even greater scalability...
6 Nov 18
Eighteen-Month Digital Transformation Leads to Record High Patient Satisfaction Ratings in Several Departments at World Class, Multi-Specialty...
17 Oct 18
Three leading healthcare providers discuss how an electronic medical record system has improved clinical outcomes and boosted patient care.
17 Oct 18
Femto Research Group won the Service Innovation of the Year Award at the HCA Awards 2018.
17 Oct 18
The hospital won the Facilities Improvement Initiative of the Year and the ICT Initiative of the Year.
17 Oct 18
Through two structured calls, clients are advised about their medication intake, exercise,treatments, and outpatient follow-up.
17 Oct 18
Sydney’s Mater Hospital excelled against some of Asia Pacific’s leading hospitals to win two major recognitions at the inaugural...
8 Oct 18
InterSystems IRIS for Health is the world's first and only data platform engineered specifically for healthcare.
12 Sep 18
The new mobile user interface features an improved electronic medical record adoption.
21 Jun 18
With its patient-focused approach, Vitallife provides an alternative to traditional disease-centred medical practice.
21 Jun 18
The hospital is recognised for Patient Safety Initiative of the Year and Customer Service Initiative of the Year.
12 Jun 18
The world’s medical destination in tertiary care services.
6 Jun 18
The hospital's pulmonary test lets patients sing their hearts out.
6 Jun 18
The hospital allows patients to request repeat medicine with just one text.
6 Jun 18
The Mater Hospital in North Sydney has won two major awards for its outstanding levels of service, outperforming all other hospitals across the...