14 Nov 17
Firms can submit their entries until March 31, 2018.
3 Nov 17
It recently launched GHK and Acibadem Altunizade.
3 Nov 17
Most rely on self-medication when ill.
3 Nov 17
Over 300 doctors are now part-timers at public hospitals.
3 Nov 17
It will incur startup losses from its new hospitals in China.
25 Oct 17
Prenetics is raising money to use on digital health infrastructure.
6 Oct 17
Demand for public hospital services will be on peak.
22 Sep 17
Mining sector-driven growth is "drawing to a close".
22 Sep 17
No thanks to unregulated pricing regime.
11 Sep 17
Resident private doctors earn as low as US$358 monthly.
25 Aug 17
It is home to one of the world’s biggest healthcare groups, IHH.
16 Aug 17
63% of healthcare executives are already tackling data breaches and ethics.
16 Aug 17
A trip to hospital for a rehabilitation appointment in Singapore could soon be a thing of the past.
15 Aug 17
Thanks to an influx of returning patients.
1 Aug 17
RMG’s Singapore market remains weak.
31 Jul 17
The group continues to record a healthy patient load.
26 Jul 17
Expert says malaria statistics for Asia must be given importance.
19 Jul 17
Its shares soared 64% upon announcement of the plan.
19 Jul 17
63% of executives are tackling security breaches in their firms.
5 Jul 17
Australia banks on healthcare innovation to drive economic growth.
3 Jul 17
RMF, for one, hit a single-digit drop in non-local patients.
3 Jul 17
Patient care will radically change as AI solutions gain more traction.
30 Jun 17
The system boost will be for Hebei Province.
20 Jun 17
This is to cut waiting time for patients.
20 Jun 17
The rising private healthcare spend is one.
20 Jun 17
The amount will be shelled out over a span of four years.
7 Jun 17
The fees and charges for private patients will also be revised.
1 Jun 17
Doctors are attacked in undermanned overcrowded hospitals.
1 Jun 17
Is it high time for a sustainable financial model?
1 Jun 17
It will now be provided with $54.4b.
24 May 17
1Q17 core earnings were down by 15%.
19 May 17
He will discuss Malaysia's e-health initiative.
9 May 17
He will be at the 2017 Healthcare Asia Forum in Kuala Lumpur.
9 May 17
He will focus on the advantage of digitalisation in managing patient care.
8 May 17
Therapists will be able to use wearable sensors and remote monitoring.
26 Apr 17
It will acquire over 900 beds from Orange Valley.
25 Apr 17
There were 165 deals transacted.
25 Apr 17
Raffles Medical is among those that have unveiled big developments.
12 Apr 17
Its plans to expand in China spell further cost pressures.
12 Apr 17
No thanks to younger population preferring this over branded ones.