Southeast Asia

Medical Tourism in SE Asia: What it is, and What it isn’t

Endless beaches, large leafy plants, robust tropical weather, and exotic fruits.  Sounds like a luxury travel magazine perched on a bookshelf in the waiting room of a  doctor’s office, right? Where is this magical place being described? There are many possible answers to that question, so it requires a bit more information. You can also add: frenzied large cities with motorbikes jammed at every intersection during rush hour, and eager street vendors selling copious amounts of vegetables, juices, grilled meats, and fish, while children leave school in their obligatory uniforms. Only one part of the world checks all of the boxes for this, and that is Southeast Asia. 

South Korea, ASEAN set to expand bilateral cooperation in health insurance, IT

The collaboration may include sending policymakers in ASEAN countries to train in Korea.

Democratising healthcare in SEA: From traditional hospitals to digital healthcare providers

Healthcare innovation in Southeast Asia is accelerating at a phenomenal rate, with total healthcare spending expected to increase to US$740b by 2025 from US$425b in 2021. 

How Southeast Asian healthcare providers resolve cost pressures

Markets are experimenting with single-specialty care and ambulatory care centres.

Ageing population to boost ASEAN medical diagnostics market

The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.6% over the medium term.

PCR test to spot monkeypox in SEA launched at iGene Laboratory

Results can be out within four hours of sample processing.

The innovative future of healthcare: Three empowering tech trends 

The future of healthcare is digital, and the ongoing pandemic is undoubtedly accelerating this transition.