In Focus

19 Jan 21
Risk communication emerged as the weakest link during the pandemic.
15 Dec 20
The market may soon serve more people than what some large hospitals currently can.
8 Dec 20
Authorities have pledged to advance the development of online diagnosis and treatment.
1 Dec 20
Amidst an ageing population, the country is building a factory for producing cancer drugs.
24 Nov 20
Amidst ageing population, reliance on income tax and insurance contribution is no longer enough.
17 Nov 20
A fall in elective surgeries in 2020 slowed the upward trends in costs.
10 Nov 20
The industry's footfall took a hit as non-emergency visits were discouraged.
4 Nov 20
Over two in three felt they might not be able to afford healthcare if they become severely disabled.
1 Nov 20
The country is unable to raise healthcare expenditure by more than 3.8% of GDP, compared to the APAC average of 6.64%.
28 Oct 20
The decision from the WTO is expected to come by end-2020.
21 Oct 20
Three of China's coronavirus vaccines are under trials in Asia and South America.
4 Sep 20
The system is expected to deliver early detection of cases, even when the probablity of infection is low.
13 Aug 20
The government has quickly made digital health platforms available to address the pandemic.
13 Aug 20
COVID-19 has forced the government to speed up the regulatort infrastructure around telemedicine initiatives.
30 Jul 20
The method will speed up the testing procedure by up to four times.
17 Jul 20
Funding for testing and treatment, among others, was cited as the reason behind the inefficiencies across Asia-Pacific.
1 Jul 20
The data collected through the program could be used to identify patterns for facilitating early detection of the disease.
3 Jun 20
Even markets with better capacity faced issues such as manpower shortage.
21 May 20
The country saw overwhelmed hospitals and disrupted routine services amidst the pandemic.
6 May 20
It has been receiving government support as a way to control the spread of the pandemic.
22 Apr 20
Priorly, less than a quarter of the population had used telemedicine.
8 Apr 20
Half of the clusters that outperformed the ecosystem were relevant to addressing COVID-19.
25 Mar 20
The government is expected to account for the majority of the spending.
11 Mar 20
The total deal size in Southeast Asia surged to $2.4b.
24 Feb 20
Overuse of care by medical practitioners is one of the factors driving up costs.
11 Feb 20
A bulk of drug intermediates are sourced from China.
29 Jan 20
Healthtech investments in H2 slowed significantly.
15 Jan 20
The country’s government has allocated $3.2b to the health sector.
18 Dec 19
Startups must be given access to clinical trials and early clinical input, it said.
4 Dec 19
Solutions focus on improving HTAs’ integration to current drug pricing schemes.
19 Nov 19
Universal healthcare still struggles to take off in Myanmar and the Philippines.
6 Nov 19
The approval of the universal healthcare bill is speeding up expenses in the country.
23 Oct 19
It got stellar scores for access and quality of care.
21 Oct 19
About 1.4 million international patients received medical treatment in 2012.
21 Oct 19
The private sector can be tapped for its extensive expertise in delivering high-quality care.
25 Sep 19
Rising costs, evolving regulations and reimbursement pressure eroded profits.
28 Aug 19
$595m went to firms geared towards health management solutions.
14 Aug 19
An estimated 1.5 million undocumented migrants registered with the Ministry of Public Health in 2018.
31 Jul 19
UFH is expected to be given the exclusive right to manage New Frontier Group’s 64,000 sqm flagship Shenzhen city center hospital.
17 Jul 19
Medical device approvals in China plunged 38% in 2018 to 5,528 successful registrations.