In Focus

17 Jul 19
Medical device approvals in China plunged 38% in 2018 to 5,528 successful registrations.
3 Jul 19
India’s foreign investments into the sector crashed 60% in 2017 and 2018 down to $67m.
1 Jul 19
New and existing patients can use Bumrungrad Anywhere to access over 200 doctors at the touch of an app.
1 Jul 19
Traditional business models are being broken due to changes caused by healthtech and moves towards universal healthcare.
1 Jul 19
Bangkok’s heavy traffic is one of the factors heaping pressure on healthcare providers to implement on-demand digital care.
4 Jun 19
The State Medical Insurance Administration is set to roll out its new NRDL and price negotiation list in June.
22 May 19
Malaysia offers more competitive surgery costs with a heart bypass costing just US$14,000 compared to US$23,000 in Singapore.
23 Apr 19
The government aims to have more seniors receive elderly care at their homes.
27 Mar 19
Predictive and personalised patient monitoring systems can cut down mortality rates by close to 25%.
25 Mar 19
This will have repercussions with the private hospitals depending on early release of reimbursement claims or number of denials of payments.
26 Feb 19
Hospital-based care accounted for total health expenditure of $9.57b in 2018.
13 Feb 19
Firms lose over $23.3m to cybercriminals.
30 Jan 19
Struggling families face bankruptcy to cover costs.
8 Jan 19
This includes pharmaceutical firm Takeda’s $58b acquisition of Ireland’s drug company Shire.
18 Dec 18
Malaysia and Thailand offer more cost-competitive alternatives.
11 Dec 18
Many private-public partnerships are still not designed to help the masses, only niche segments.
28 Nov 18
It eyes to employ AI and robots at long-term care facilities to help caregivers.
16 Nov 18
Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines could witness over 10% increases.
31 Oct 18
Total healthcare spending will surge to US$2.27t by 2026.
17 Oct 18
With a depth of expertise consisting of over 240 super-specialised experts, University Malaya Specialist Centre takes its congregation of wide-...
3 Oct 18
A streamlined health app framework will soon be launched.
17 Sep 18
It could gear up manufacturers to develop more advanced equipment.
1 Sep 18
The Lion City has a strong pipeline of hospitals to respond to booming medical demand.
22 Aug 18
The scheme will cover over half a billion people.
16 Aug 18
Nursing homes are run mostly by charitable groups providing final stages of care to the elderlies.
24 Jul 18
The SingHealth cyberattack affected over 1.5 million Singaporeans, specifically 160,000 patients.
16 Jul 18
Epidemiological changes, healthcare spending, and lack of integration persist.
30 May 18
Amidst rising costs, the country has been aggressive in pushing for better healthcare delivery.
2 May 18
Medical firms will partner with internet companies for online diagnostic services.
24 Apr 18
It aims to add 10,000 local home care and 6,200 day care spaces by 2020.
28 Mar 18
The exports of medical devices hit a CAGR of 8.6% to US$1.82b in 2015.
1 Mar 18
They’re being wiped out by larger healthcare players.
26 Jan 18
Analysts are bracing themselves for a gradual release of reforms soon.
6 Dec 17
On the upside, this means growth for hospitals as they expand in the next three years.
8 Nov 17
Patients expect innovation from their hospitals at little to no cost.
6 Oct 17
By 2030, the number of citizens aged 65 and up will double to 900,000.
27 Sep 17
Number of doctors per 1,000 heads have been raised to 1.88.
11 Sep 17
Will the country be able to meet the silver population's demands?
16 Aug 17
Robotics, artificial intelligence, and chatbots are being used by nursing homes and care facilities so families and caregivers can engage remotely...
2 Aug 17
Thailand may be a healthcare paradise, but what could be the biggest crack in the country’s laudable healthcare system?