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AI to propel $1.2b growth in medical devices industry by 2027

The sector will see a 29% rate, driven by strong demand for AI-enhanced instruments.

AI to propel $1.2b growth in medical devices industry by 2027

The sector will see a 29% rate, driven by strong demand for AI-enhanced instruments.

Lack of in-person engagement is doctor’s top concern in using AI for clinical practice

GlobalData’s survey also found that increased medical errors are also another concern.

Analytics firm calls for the affordability and accessibility of advanced medical devices

Healthcare professionals should use advanced devices fit to their workflow.

Heart failure market to increase 5.2% CAGR by 2032

It is seen to increase to US$53b in 2032.

India’s X-ray systems market to increase by 3% in CAGR from 2023 to 2033

GlobalData said it stemmed from the prevalence of chronic diseases.

AI-driven healthcare needs to be generation inclusive: GlobalData

A recent survey showed the younger generation is more familiar with AI.

India to account for 18% of APAC's surgical sutures market

GlobalData finds risks in traditional suturing techniques for India.

Generative AI seen helping lower costs in pharma, healthcare

New technology can streamline diagnostic processes, and help with predictions in drug discovery.

Medical device sector needs collective action to reach green goals: study

Proper regulations are needed to keep the industry on track with its sustainable goals.

GlobalData sees new biopsy device boosting India’s bone cancer treatment market

The newly patented device simplifies tissue extraction in a bone marrow biopsy.

Heart valve market in Australia to reach $50m in 2030: report

This is due to the rise of cardiovascular disease risks.

Chinese regulators focus on homegrown anti-COVID therapies: report

Seven homegrown drugs have been granted approval in the country.

Chinese pharma firms to gain competitive edge from Omicron vaccines

Some 19 COVID-19 vaccines are in clinical development in China.

South Korea urged to revise cancer tests reimbursement system

The timeline to set the cost is currently longer than that of the reimbursement decision.

Neurology diagnostics solutions to boost Japan's medical devices industry

Certain novel solutions could support the nuclear imaging equipment market in Japan.

Chinese drugmakers pushed towards drugs for new COVID-19 variants

Some 19 COVID-19 drugs are in various phases of clinical development in the country.

Singapore's shift to preventive care to address healthcare costs: report

The country plans to roll out a healthcare platform to make healthcare accessible.