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29 Oct 20
It comes with basic screening and tele-consultation, amongst others.
28 Oct 20
Its laboratory can now process 4,000 more tests per day.
27 Oct 20
It plans to launch more specialisations on its app Healthway Medical Corporation has added the pediatric unit Singapore Baby and...
27 Oct 20
MSD conducted a comprehensive research called the Health Impact Projection, or “HIP” Model.
25 Sep 20
With this acquisition, Aoyuan holds 60% equity interest in the company.
25 Sep 20
Healthcare spending is expected to hit $2.7t by 2029.
25 Sep 20
First time users will get a waiver on consultation fees, two days’ basic medication, and free delivery.
25 Sep 20
The spin-off is aimed at achieving better growth.
25 Sep 20
It has a three-pronged strategy for development.
25 Sep 20
Research biologists and clinicians can use this new platform to analyse OMICS data.
22 Sep 20
The sites are ready to enroll atopic dermatitis patients into the company's multiple ascending dose study testing.
22 Sep 20
The software runs on deep learning and low-cost off-the-shelf hardware.
17 Sep 20
The goal is to tap into the country’s growing pharmaceutical market.
16 Sep 20
New technology decreases cell culture time by half, and uses more targeted cell sorting and purification methods.
10 Sep 20
Telemedicine service is expected to prevail in the coming years.
9 Sep 20
Local firms will benefit from the government support to improve capacity and supply.
9 Sep 20
The Government’s efforts to cut drug spending will create challenges for international drugmakers.
4 Sep 20
The round was led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, and the company plans to use the funding to accelerate global expansion.
3 Sep 20
The company is offering free 6-months trials for all clinics in Singapore.
2 Sep 20
It became the 16th hospital under the group in Malaysia.
14 Aug 20
The company expects to deliver more comprehensive end-to-end services through this acquisition.
13 Aug 20
The company is set to pay 0.714 cents dividend per ordinary share.
16 Jul 20
It offers a diabetes management programme and a steps tracker.
1 Jul 20
However, the delivery date is still unknown amid destabilised production.
26 Jun 20
The healthcare provider has established and continues to strengthen their presence across Asia Pacific.
12 Jun 20
These robots can destroy SARS-CoV-2 molecules in just two minutes.
10 Jun 20
This is Lawrence Ho’s first move in the medical IT space.
19 May 20
The latter has been providing health service to group insurance clients since 2019.
14 May 20
The hospital is blazing trails by reducing morbidity and mortality for patients with STEMI.
14 May 20
The hospital continued with its indigency programs to bring quality healthcare to the smallest of communities.
14 May 20
The fund is for companies engaged in R&D and manufacture of therapeutic drugs and vaccines.
21 Apr 20
The project “Better Facilities, Better Care” encapsulates the centre’s commitment to high-quality healthcare services....
21 Apr 20
The hospital group won Customer Service Initiative of the Year and Hospital of the Year at the Healthcare Asia Awards.
21 Apr 20
Its pioneering Dispos-a-vent® Barrier Pouch improves sterility and lowers costs for medical device manufacturers.
20 Apr 20
The hospital was lauded for their healthcare delivery and campaign on urban health issues.
20 Apr 20
Its innovative advocacy program makes information and navigation of cancer care more accessible for millions of patients.
20 Apr 20
The “hospital of choice” has consistently improved its services and facilities.
20 Apr 20
The company’s Saliva p53Microbiome can identify and monitor various cancers and suitably replace blood samples.
20 Apr 20
The hospital won awards for patient care, service delivery innovation and providing specialty services.
18 Mar 20
This is said to validate its capabilities in the safe and efficient transport of pharma products.