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24 May 19
Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, Hong Kong’s newest private hospital in over 20 years, aspires to help shape the city’s private health...
24 May 19
It solidifies its industry presence with its extensive panel network of medical providers and strong presence across Asia Pacific.
24 May 19
New DBS method will boost its Plasma p53Microbiome innovation.
24 May 19
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya was awarded with three prestige Healthcare Asia Awards at the recently concluded competition acknowledging the hospital...
24 May 19
The hospital's knee radiography device reduces need for patients to repeat procedure.
24 May 19
Patients will now enjoy services from its PCF and tele-customer care units.
26 Feb 19
Hong Kong and Macau residents can communicate with the doctors at the Foshan Hospital of TCM through the internet hospital.
30 Jan 19
Lin was ordered to pay $32.84m to the company with a 5.33% per annum interest.
19 Dec 18
It provides an 82% accuracy rate in estimating hospital bills.
26 Nov 18
Doctors who pass its GOLD training programme will provide online and offline services across China.
22 Nov 18
It will connect facilities and patients with over 23,000 healthcare practitioners.
14 Nov 18
It intends to become a pure healthcare platform.
13 Nov 18
They eye to maximise the Internet of Things’ (IoT) potential to boost healthcare in APAC.
6 Nov 18
Eighteen-Month Digital Transformation Leads to Record High Patient Satisfaction Ratings in Several Departments at World Class, Multi-Specialty...
5 Nov 18
It has also set up nine city service bases in the region.
31 Oct 18
Pharma spending could hit US$1.26b by 2022 amidst a boost in government spending.
3 Oct 18
It will build international centres in top-tier cities.
3 Oct 18
It also acquired a majority stake in HeTian Hospital Management.
2 Oct 18
It was bought by property tycoon Gordon Tang.
12 Sep 18
The new mobile user interface features an improved electronic medical record adoption.
8 Aug 18
The hospital won the Patient Safety Initiative of the Year and the ICT Initiative of the Year.
21 Jun 18
With its patient-focused approach, Vitallife provides an alternative to traditional disease-centred medical practice.
21 Jun 18
The hospital is recognised for Patient Safety Initiative of the Year and Customer Service Initiative of the Year.
12 Jun 18
The world’s medical destination in tertiary care services.
6 Jun 18
The hospital's pulmonary test lets patients sing their hearts out.
6 Jun 18
The hospital allows patients to request repeat medicine with just one text.
6 Jun 18
The Mater Hospital in North Sydney has won two major awards for its outstanding levels of service, outperforming all other hospitals across the...
1 Jun 18
The hospital won the Facilities Improvement Initiative of the Year and the ICT Initiative of the Year Renovation works in Union Hospital (...
1 Jun 18
PHC TeleCARE enables the delivery of quality care beyond the hospital walls.
31 May 18
The hospital won Management Innovation of the Year, Service Innovation of the Year, and Employee Engagement of the Year, making it the most...
30 May 18
The hospital’s breast cancer Awareness initiative turns Ajman pink The Amina Hospitals are part of Anglo Arabian Healthcare, aiming...
30 May 18
The genetics firm has progressed in technologies for early cancer detection Femto Research Group Co., Ltd.
30 May 18
The healthcare provider is recognised for Primary Care Provider of the Year, Patient Care Initiative of the Year, and Facilities Improvement...
11 Apr 18
It is the company's second and largest nursing home to date.
30 Mar 18
Transverse’s wide range of products could alleviate optical and joint problems.
9 Mar 18
More than 4,000 medical laboratory and healthcare industry professionals expected to attend MEDLAB Asia and Asia Health at the Suntec Singapore...
8 Nov 17
Medical technology experts gather for Asia Pacific MedTech Forum 2017.
20 Oct 17
Find out what else is in store at the Asia Pacific Medtech Forum.
15 Sep 17
1,069 attendees flocked to the event.