1. What is the Healthcare Asia Awards?

2. Who are eligible to join?

3. What can we nominate?

4. What are the benefits of joining?

5. Are there any fees involved?

6. How do we enter?

7. When is the deadline to confirm participation?

8. Who are the judges?

9. What is the criteria for judging?

10. What are the categories?

11. Can I send 2 or more entries for our company?

12. Which companies have already nominated for 2019 awards?

13. When is the announcement of results?

14. Can I have a sample of a 500-word write-up?

15. Are the supporting documents required?

16. Are we required to submit project photos?

17. Can a project that was launched few years ago still eligible to be nominated?

18. How can I increase my chances of winning for an award?

19. When and where will the awards dinner be?

20. Will you shoulder our airfare and hotel accommodation in Singapore?

21. I have some queries about the nomination process, whom should I contact?

22. Are there any pre-event activities before the awards dinner?

23. Does HCA Awards have supporting partners?

24. Who are the past winners?

25. When was HCA Awards launched?

For more details, contact:
Julie Anne Nunez
+65 3158 1386 ext. 221