Healthcare Commentaries

18 Feb 2021
BY Bill Taylor
By automating processes and streamlining clinical pathways, intelligent automation can empower the healthcare industry to provide better patient care.
16 Nov 2020
BY Chris Hardesty
COVID-19 cases are nearly 50 million and continuing to surge ahead.
2 Jul 2020
BY Chris Hardesty
The adoption of “value” schemes to increase access to medical technologies.
27 May 2020
BY Emma Sterling
The COVID-19 pandemic is testing hospitals and healthcare systems across the globe like never before.
19 May 2020
BY Mabel C. Chou
The huge advances seen in healthcare over the past 50 years are among the greatest achievements of modern science.
29 Nov 2019
BY Esther Saguil
As the second-most commonly reported Healthcare Acquired Infection (HAI), surgical site infections (SSIs) are a significant cause of negative outcomes, with the incidence in low- and middle-income countries reported at more than 10%.
12 Nov 2019
BY Yoke Choo
Just last week, researchers in Singapore achieved a milestone in healthcare: they created the world’s largest genetic databank of Asian populations.
30 Aug 2019
BY Tim Morris
Nurses are the backbone of Singapore’s healthcare system and they play an important role in transforming the healthcare industry.
23 Aug 2019
BY Chris Hardesty
There is little doubt that the Asia Pacific region represents a key growth ambition for the majority of Life Sciences companies.
23 Aug 2019
BY Chris Hardesty
Over the next decade, an estimated $2t investment into Universal Health Coverage (UHC) schemes is expected to land in Asia.
11 Apr 2019
BY Chris Hardesty
Many speak of the “war” for talent arising across the globe, including in the Asia Pacific and as it pertains to the Life Sciences industry.
14 Feb 2019
BY Abhijit Ghosh and Zubin J Daruwalla
Singapore remains a leader in making healthcare more accessible for its growing pioneer generation.
12 Feb 2019
BY Chris Hardesty
In the last decade, “big data” and “data & analytics” dominated the life sciences sector, and with increasing digitisation and liberation of data, the sharing of medical information will take center stage going forward.
7 Feb 2019
BY Chris Hardesty
Rapid technological advancement in recent years has placed affordable genetic testing in the hands of consumers and the global direct-to-consumer genetic testing (DTC-GT) market is forecast to be worth over US$1bn by 2020.
7 Feb 2019
BY Chris Hardesty
Diagnostics play a vital role in spotting health problems and informing medical interventions.
7 Feb 2019
BY Chris Hardesty
The United Nations (UN) has set a goal to achieve “Health for All” by 2030 and while 193 countries have signed up to it, more than one billion people still lack access to basic healthcare.